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Exterior of the front of Madison Traditional Academy
Welcome to Madison Traditional Academy

Madison Traditional Academy (MTA) is an award-winning elementary and middle school in the Madison School District, serving students from preschool through 8th grade. MTA offers a traditional accelerated curriculum rooted in research-based and historically proven instruction methods designed to develop higher-level thinking skills through direct teaching techniques, whole-class instruction, and approved teaching methods. 

Mission & Philosophy

Supported by a foundation of strong parent and staff involvement and a curriculum that develops students' intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being, Madison Traditional Academy teaches students to become responsible, productive, and respectful citizens and provides a framework that inspires inquiry and a lifetime love of learning. 

About Madison Traditional Academy

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From Our Community

photo of Noel Domfeh

"We made the decision 9 years ago to start our oldest at Madison Traditional Academy and I am so grateful that we did. We value the traditional teaching that MTA offers and believe it has completely set up our oldest for success as he enters high school. The teachers and staff have been absolutely wonderful and we are so appreciative to now have Mr. Merrill as our principal who genuinely loves and cares for each and every student. The values, memories and character development that the teachers, staff and MTA community instilled in my children will forever be a part of who they are as they grow up."

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